See better, understand better. AN-Evo1 bone conduction hearing glasses combine excellent sound quality with the highest degree of comfort. AN-Evo1 provides highly effective assistance and is a dependable partner for conductive and mixed hearing loss – and looks good too.

..especially for children, but adults can benefit too!
In order to provide timely and adequate assistance to children with a hearing impairment, BHM has developed the contact mini as the world's first digital miniature bone conduction system. Particularly for children, swift intervention with acoustic support is much in demand as speech development is inextricably linked with the ability to hear. Hearing-impaired adults who play a lot of sport will also find the contact mini extremely useful.

pan is a highly precise BTE system which captures sound via two directional microphones and transfers it into the ear through a small loudspeaker. The device is easy to integrate into any pair of glasses and never looks out of place. BHM’s experts have created an innovative product that provides clear hearing without any interference using precise directional sensitivity - thus setting completely new standards in relaxed, intelligible hearing.

…the most powerful hearing system in the world!

Deliberately bucking the trend for ever smaller and more fiddly hearing devices, BHM has proven with apollon that a comfortable and practical pocket hearing aid device can keep up with the times as well as be easy to operate.

The human ear hears "analogue" – so why not your hearing device? 
Choose the Viper 170P for an unlimited sound experience and all-round comfort. 

With the Viper 170P the natural qualities of sound is retained. The beauty of tone isn't just a question of absolute loudness!