contact mini

..especially for children, but adults can benefit too!
In order to provide timely and adequate assistance to children with a hearing impairment, BHM has developed the contact mini as the world's first digital miniature bone conduction system. Particularly for children, swift intervention with acoustic support is much in demand as speech development is inextricably linked with the ability to hear. Hearing-impaired adults who play a lot of sport will also find the contact mini extremely useful.

This system can be used to provide optimal support for language development, social exchange and comprehension, as conventional hearing systems or surgical intervention in young children are often complicated, irksome and do not always achieve the desired results.

This discreet and completely straightforward high-tech product is particularly recommended in cases of aural atresia as well as anomalies in the auditory canal (microtia, anotia). BHM’s child-friendly bone conduction hearing product consists of an electronic casing with a miniature vibration receiver. It transmits sound through direct contact with the head, where it is transformed into a nerve impulse in the inner ear.

The contact mini can be incorporated into a wide range of headpieces, hair bands and Alice bands in colourful designs with decorative motifs. Increasing numbers of adults are also discovering the advantages of this hearing system: particularly for sports enthusiasts, the contact mini is a practical companion for example when walking or skiing, and can easily be added to sports caps and ski helmets.

The contact mini is recommended for the following impairments:

• Deformed outer ear
• Aural atresia
• When operations are prohibited
• Franceschetti Syndrome
• Otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear)
• Conductive hearing loss
• Mixed hearing loss
• Allergies
• For bedridden
• And all cases in which other hearing devices cannot be used.

The contact mini is used by renowned hearing implant manufacturers in alternative treatment plans.